By the victims of Nazism: in Kiev will be held a March in memory of the tragedy of the Jewish people

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The accident occurred on Solomenskaya, 31, due to the inattention of the driver of the police Skoda. Participants of the memorable procession will gather on the square opposite the capital’s cinema «Kievan Rus «and will go to the» menorah » in Babi Yar, having done the same way that the victims of Nazism had to go in 1941.
The organizers are German businessman and public figure Yevgeny Gorodetsky, as well as Dmitry Yurinov, who joined the founder of the movement the following year, making the March a tradition.
Collection is scheduled for Sunday, September 29, at 12.00.Anyone can join.
Recall that in 2018, more than 300 people participated in the March, among them were both residents of Kiev and guests from Zhytomyr, Bila Tserkva, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States.
This year, the organizers also invite representatives of embassies, Jewish communities and the media to join.